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China A shares listed company "Daijin heavy industry" stock code 002487 full name: Liaoning Dajin heavy industry Limited by Share Ltd, the headquarters in Fuxin, Liaoning Provinc- e,was founded in 2000, is the domestic technology leading super heavy steel structure production and manufacturing enterprises, for many years to serve the land and marine power industry field, the goal. The main business sectors include Fuxin factory (land business), Penglai factory (offshore business) and Beijing company (investment business).

Dajin heavy industry Fuxin plant (land business) has completed more than 100 units of heavy structure of supercritical and ultra supercritical units from 13.5MW to 100MW at home and abroad, with a total capacity of 42GW, and 2000 sets of wind power projects from 750KW to 3MW, with a total capacity of 3GW. The main customers are hae electric group, Am- erican Babcock Wilcock (Beijing) company, Shanghai electric group, Dongfang Electric Group, VESTAS China, GE China, song Mei SA China, Su sland China, Jin Fengfeng electric, Ming Yang wind power, Huaneng Electric Power, national electric power, national water electric power, Shenhua electric power, Datang electric power, Beijing electric power, Huarun power.

Penglai Daijin marine heavy industry Co., Ltd. was established in December 14, 2009, with registered capital of 130 million yuan (RMB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Liaoning Daijin heavy industry Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Name: big gold heavy industry, stock code: 002487). The company is located in Penglai, Shandong, 28 kilometers away from Yantai Peng- lai International Airport and 40 kilometers away from Yantai port. It is a manufacturing company that specializes in providing high quality wind towers and jacket for the global wind power market.

Penglai Da Jin Hai wind power equipment manufacturing project, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, covers a total area of 860 acres, and the workshop area is 80 thousand sq- uare meters. The factory has large cargo transport terminal, the length of the terminal is 1409 meters, and the water depth is 10 meters to 17 meters. The heavy lifting capacity of the workshop is 400 tons, and the capacity of the steel plate pretreatment production line is 200 thousand tons / a year. The blanking procedure adopts ESAB NC cutting machine, J- apanese small pool import automatic groove cutting machine, German longitudinal / ring joint clearance milling machine, large milling thickness 120mm, steel plate milling machine and so on. The workshop is equipped with Swedish ESAB double arc double wire welding seam positioning and tracking welding workstation, which keeps the pass rate of one time w- elding more than 98%. Two Italy DAVI rolling machine and large cold rolled steel plate thickness 120mm provide great guarantee for high efficiency and stable production. Equipped with special berth wharf gantry crane, construction of 50 thousand ton large 1000 tons four 20 thousand ton berths, a large;

The products are mainly oriented to the manufacturing industry of offshore wind tower tube and jacket equipment. The main products include: offshore wind power foundation pipe pile, 3MW-6MW offshore wind tower tube, thermal power boiler steel structure, marine oil and gas mining equipment manufacturing, port machinery and pressure vessel, and after t- he project is completed, it can produce offshore drilling platform and sea. Wind power equipment and other heavy marine equipment 150 thousand tons, and will be built into the firs- t marine wind power specialized manufacturing and marine wind power assembly of the integrated professional chemical plant, leading the development of China's offshore wind po- wer development model.

Penglai Dajin plant (phase I) started production in September 2013, and the self occupied terminal was put into operation in December 2013. In the future development, "Daijin hea- vy industry" will be guided by the international and domestic market. It is willing to cooperate with all companies in the wind power industry in marine engineering, offshore wind pow- er terminal assembly, offshore wind tower tube and jacket equipment manufacturing. Quality, safety products, welcome all kinds of talents to join and cooperate.

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