Onshore Products including but not limited to onshore wind towers andt other steel structure products.Currenctly onshore products constitute 60% of all Dajins products and have been exported to more than 10 countries eg. German, Austria, Argentina, Chile, Norway, The Dominican Republic, Australia, Mexico etc.
Offshore products including but not limited to offshore, monopiles transition pieces, tripods, jackets and secondary steels etc.Dajin will surely tap more potentials in Offshore Market in Europe, as we have seen the surge in demand.Foundamentally, Dajin has unparalled advantages including 1000T Gantry Crane and a 9.7m depth load-out quay that can optimize our clients delivery requirements.
Dajin focuses on clean energy and dedicate to cultivating fresh growth points. Hence we typically establish the investment bussiness particularly in wind industry.

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