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Enterprise talent view: let the right people do the right thing.
The development of enterprises is inseparable from the integration of fresh blood injection and new culture. It has always been a fine tradition for Daikin heavy industries to let the right people do the right things. In the career planning of the employees, the Great Gold heavy industry expands the talent and quality that he needs in his career according to his personal behavior and character, and makes him (her) go wider and wider in the future career path.
the principle of attracting people

Ability is the first priority, and the future of the leader is professional and confident.

The principle of employing people

We should adhere to the "three principles and four uses" on the user, that is, "open, fair and fair" and "use it as time, use it as its position, and use it as its wish".

the principle of educating people

With the combination of work and education, the company adopts a wide - caliber training model for the compound management talents, and emphasizes the business / management expertise in the business line and the management line. Training is the best welfare for employees, and is the hope project of enterprises.

the principle of keeping people

It is the successful practice of Daikin heavy industries that "stay in business, stay in emotion, treat people, leave opportunities

for others, and keep people in culture".

The principle of career

At the same time to establish the development goal of the enterprise, it aims at designing a life-long struggle against the

growth of the employees above the Department, creating a self design and self display platform for employees, and formulating

a career development plan for the employees according to the personality, temperament, ability, interest and values of the

employees. To develop the potential of employees.

Respect for the principle of talent

We should firmly establish the concept of "talent based", create an atmosphere of respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and

appropriately improve the treatment of talents, and carry out a heavy prize for the outstanding contributors.

Employment policy

With more than two years of experience in the industry, good health, strong communication ability and good work performance, it

can adapt to the modern social competition mechanism, identify the Great Gold heavy industry enterprise culture, and pursue the

common development of the enterprise and the individual. If you have wisdom, please take out your wisdom.

If there is no wisdom, please flow out of sweat;

If there is no sweat, please give out your post!

Dajin heavy industry sincerely welcome you to join in and seek common development.

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