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Siemens-Gamesa Onshore Towers Operation Visit Dajin Sep 13th, 2018

SGRE Onshore Operation Team, headed by Mr. Pablo and Mr. Wang, visited Dajin on Sep 13th 2018 to get to know more about Dajin’s team and also workshop facilities.

Mr. Pablo, Head of SGRE Onshore Operation, took a factory tour in Dajin’s Newly built Phase II Workshop and Load Out Quay Area. It was the first time for him to visit Dajin, and Dajin’s facilities has left him with very good impression.

Being Fresh to Siemens Onshore Towers, Dajin has won Three SGRE projects, two of which are in South Africa and one in Norway. Dajin is now getting its hands on Siemens designed onshore towers, and surely the vision for Dajin is not only onshore market, but in the long run, definitely in the Offshore Market.

And Dajin has specially established a new fabrication line with its painting booth all closed in order to reach the technical requirements from Siemens Offshore Towers. This is in order to take a share from the Offshore tower market for Dajin, and will also enhance the mutual cooperation between SGRE and Dajin.

Upon the factory tour, Mr. Pablo and Mr. Wang had an open discussion with Dajin Team regarding more details of the projects won by Dajin.

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