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Dajin Successfully Delivered All LDST Towers from Vestas in 2018 Sep 19th, 2018

Till Sep 19th 2018, Dajin has successfully delivered all the LDST towers placed by Vestas in 2018, marking a great milestone for Dajin again.

Dajin has won almost 40% of Vestas LDST share globally with its unparalleled equipment advantages. The maximum diameter of the production line can be up to 8m and major welding and rolling equipment are imported from ESAB and DAVI. This has largely accounted for how Dajin is winning LDST Orders from Vestas.

Apart from these, Quality, Delivery, Cost has always been the indicator for Vestas to consider how his supplier is performing.

This shipment marks all the LDST placed by Vestas before 2019 has all been successfully delivered. Let us look forward to a more prosperous cooperation for the remaining of this year and in the future.

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